Small summary after about 8 months

I do not really know if I have a safer network today. I hope so, I did some testing towards that and it seems ok, with nothing exposed. Don’t spend much time looking at the logs of blocked stuff, I just know that should I do it, I would see millions of presumed hacking attempts blocked. Maybe I should save less logs, last I see is from March 27. Default 90 days retainment.

Anyhow, in my process to “git gud” I managed to sort out a few things that I consider added functionality and security:

:white_check_mark: - My dhcp leases show correctly (ref: DHCP dynamic clients not showing as expected )

:white_check_mark: - My Wifi are on a separate Blue network with some devices allowed access to Green resources via a pinhole rule (ref: Enabling Guest Network on AP - or in IPFire? )

:white_check_mark: - I get reports via e-mail (ref: Trying to trace SMTP send mail failure )

Another still remain a bit of a puzzle that I might eventually pick up again.

:warning: - My Ubiquiti UISP is still not accessing Blue UI devices (ref: Monitoring server to access all devices - all networks )

I also spent a few minutes revising all my threads here and ticked Solution where I might have missed it.

Taking the opportunity to thank all who suffered my posts and threads, and a special warm greet to the IPFire team.

May you all have a cool summer. I know I will probably not since I am traveling south… :hot_face: