Slow download speed after upgrade


After the update to Core 173 i noticed that i wasn’t getting the right download speed after testing my internet connection.

I have 1Gbps internet speed but when testing my internet speed connected to ipfire my speed doesn’t go over 600Mbps. When i test my download speed connected to the router i get 980Mbps.

I don’t have QoS set on my IPFire box and i don’t know what could be the issue. Before the update i had a 700 Mbps connection and speedtest was showing me the right speed.

Any idea?

Thank you

Hi @facknrite.

There are many factors that determine speed. Among them are the modules or Addons activated (Squid, IDS/IPS, etc…) and if you have active or passive network cards ( - Performance loss with passive network interface cards). Apart from the power of the processor.

I also have 1Gb symmetric but behind the IPFire I reach 300Mb with this hardware:

My speed:

I don’t care much since I have the IPFire to separate my house with my office (I still remember my old 1Mb/300Kb adsl line)


Hi @roberto,

Thanks for your answer, i never have a problem like this before the update. I previously had a 750Mbps connection and speedtest behind ipfire was showing me the 750mbps. My ipfire use is very simple since it’s implemented at home running basic modules.

I tried disabling all modules and just leave the firewall rules that are 6 ATM and still have low speeds. I check hardware graphs for overloads or bottlenecks and couldn’t find any.

Here are my system specs:

I noticed higher CPU frequency after the 173 update…

Maybe related?

See these posts/threads re higher frequency after cu173 for some cpu’s.



I noticed the same problem few days ago, but not after an upgrade of IpFire. I usually made some bandwitch tests and last week I was surprised to discover that my internet speed was limited to around 90 Mpbs (upload and download) instead of having 1 Gbps (down) / 700 mbps (up)

So I have connected a PC directly behind my internet box (ISP, box named Freebox) : I have my normal internet speed (1 Gbps / 700 Mbps)

So I was supposing a problem with IpFire.
As I have a blue connection with IP Fire, I decided to connect my test PC directly on it : I have my normal speed. So IpFire red interface was not in fault (red and green are in the same network card, double Rj 45 ports, blue is the RJ45 port on the motherboard)

My wife informed me that we had last week a very short electric power failure. Ipfire has rebooted.
In conclusion, no problem with my ISP, IP fire is OK with blue internet, so what else ?

The last equipment to be tested : my basic switch. I decided to reboot it : surprise, I retrieve my internet speed !

Happy end…hope the same for you…

I went through the same thing with the same resolve!

Glad you got it fixed!