Data for Net-Traffic Graphs not being recorded

I saw similar problems here and here, but I think my situation is different. The graphs on the Status…Network pages are completely empty.

The files in /var/log/vnstat (blue0, green0, red0, .blue0, .green0, and .red0) are all the same size (2272 bytes) and have the same timestamp (2020-05-25 - long ago, and I’m not aware of anything interesting occurring on that date). The vnstat.db file has a current timestamp. There is no tag file that I can see. collectd is running.

My setup is 64-bit stable: Fresh installation of 152, then parameters restored from a previous backup of 152 32-bit, then Pakfired to 153. No change observed between 152 and 153. Please advise if any logs, etc. would be helpful.



Did you follow the migration (Architecture Change) instructions?

Obviously I hadn’t! But I did just now and all is good - thanks!