Net Traffic doesn't show information -> stuck

the installation was in Feb 20 with Core 139. I don’t know if it ever worked, but I just found out that it doesn’t right know.

GREEN + BLUE is totally missing and the information for RED are just trash.

Any idea how to track that problem?

is process collectd running ?

Yep it’s running. But ipfire can’t find any sensors. I’m not sure if that causes trouble:

Sorry, no sensors were detected.
Either your system has no sensors, or they are not supported, or
they are connected to an I2C or SMBus adapter that is not
supported. If you find out what chips are on your board, check for driver status.

I deleted the rrd files and old traffic information for external and internal networks are gone but the net traffic is unchanged.

I dont have sensors either, (I type sensors on console and it tells me no sensors found). But, … you should get entries in green0 / daily even if they are 0 (attached my screenshot). I suspect when you deleted rrd files something got messed up.

Screenshot at 2020-03-11 17-26-47

No I deleted them to see if that helps but no change.

Solves the problem.