Can not select serial console for installation

I downloaded ipfire-2.25.2gb-ext4.x86_64-full-core153.img.xz and prepared my installation media to boot my APU 2 board.
Everything goes fine, until I see grub. Grub doesn’t offer serial installation, I only get two options to select with the arrow keys: ipfire 2.25 or advanced options, there is no serial installation. When I choose ipfire then, it just says “loading initial ramdisk…” and after that nothing else goes on anymore.
What is wrong there?

maybe this thread will help you …

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No, that doesn’t help.
My problem is a different one: I cann’t see the serial option at all, only the advanced options and IPFire (I guess it is the one with VGA).

My experience: To reach the serial installation option you have to prepare tty-connection and session first, and when connecting Apu-board with power adapter you have only one to two seconds time to choose serial option. If you miss that, you have to prepare boot media again and retry. Screen will be scrambled a bit, don’t be irritated by that.

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It seems that VGA mode still won’t terminate.
I just get the two lines:
“loading linux 4.14.212-ipfire”
“loading initial ramdisk …”
I did nothing at boot and there was a line, indicating that no VGA interface had been found, arround five seconds later it booted anyway and froze.

Well, I had to reformat the boot media, finally I could boot into serial mode.
An very important issue to fix: For people like me, who are visually impaired, we cann’t react as such short time frames, because we need time to read all the messages. In such short time frames, it is not easy to get the proper information. So you have to start all over again, without a chance, after several tries you may succeed.
IPFire developers clearly do not respect accessibility standards.
The next issue is now: I can not install IPFire on a HDD, only to the USB boot media itself. Is there another discriminatory time trap included or do I need another image?

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Hello @jessy .

I highly doubt that the IPFire developers are acting in bad faith. They may not have been aware of it and it is very good that this type of thing is reported so that they take it into account for the following distributions.

For the installation, I can see that when the user presses the keyboard (arrows on the keyboard, for example) the counter stops, but for normal startup, as it is, it’s fine since we all want it to start as quickly as possible, but The contacdor could also stop before any interaction of the User.

All constructive criticism is welcome.

It is my opinion.

Greetings and good night :wink:.

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The behaviour currently implemented is fine for quick “standard” installations. I t also allows those installs unattended.
But do we need this really?

What about a minimal keystroke ( ENTER ) to confirm the selected item/installation type?

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Good idea, because serial screen output gets garbled on an apu2-board.