After reboot some time proxy server not starting

Hi every one , i notice a strange behaver of my firewall,
I am using IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 156 , and after a schedule reboot some time ( it dont help always) it dont start the webproxy service.
I am using the SquidClamav and URL filter

I cant find any error only one that’s the: ntpdate error but dont seems to give me problem.

What am I missing or why is the webproxy stopping?
Do someone have this same problem?

Thanks in advance Neopegasus

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Hi Neopegasus,
may too many redirectors and too less RAM ? Somewhere and OOM in the logs ? Did you checked the cache.log ?



Hey Erik , thanks for your help, I have 8gb of Ram should be enough I think?
but what I saw, with your help and pointing me in the right direction is this:

  Page faults with physical i/o: 0
2021/05/19 03:10:06 kid1| Logfile: closing log stdio:/var/log/squid/access.log
2021/05/19 03:10:06 kid1| Open FD READ/WRITE    8 redirect_wrapper #1
2021/05/19 03:10:06 kid1| Open FD READ/WRITE   10 redirect_wrapper #2
2021/05/19 03:10:06 kid1| Open FD READ/WRITE   12 redirect_wrapper #3
2021/05/19 03:10:06 kid1| Open FD READ/WRITE   14 redirect_wrapper #4
2021/05/19 03:10:06 kid1| Squid Cache (Version 4.14): Exiting normally.
2021/05/19 03:10:06| Removing PID file (/var/run/
2021/05/19 03:10:06| Current Directory is /
2021/05/19 03:10:06| Current Directory is /
2021/05/19 03:12:30| Created PID file (/var/run/
2021/05/19 03:12:30| FATAL: Squid is already running: Found fresh instance PID file (/var/run/ with PID 3422
    exception location: ThrowIfAlreadyRunningWith

at the time I have my scheduled reboot, it shutdown every thing ok then it start it as normal around a minute later also normal and then out of the blue it start it again and then this happen ( what you see before).

it looks like it cant recognise that its a service runing already and then everything go blank.

Hi everyone, on the last reboot I hade the problem again.
Is it not a way for watchdog to make sure the proxy server start good or don’t do a parallel proxy and crash?:thinking:

Known issue since 156 was released. It has been reported to development. I too have quite a few doing it. I have to wake up early every day and check all my firewall installs and restart the proxy manually. Its been an annoying month plus.
Some say if you change proxy port from default it works, mine were default and i changed it to another and yet it still does it. I changed my daily reconnects and reboots so it wont reboot now and yet a few still act like they did and i have to log in and restart the proxy every day before anyone can work. It has severely disrupted my sleeping habit.
I have 10 duplicate machines loaded with the same version of 156 and same setup of proxy and ports etc. everything is the same hardware and software, the only difference are the public ip and which 192.168.x they use (all are connected by ipsec). Yet 2 still do it after i stopped any time checks,reboots and reconnects

Under which ID has this bug report been filed?

There is another thread covering the same topic

I didn’t find the other post’s when I started not being able to fix it, but thanks @bonnietwin , to point me to other options.

I tried something new in de weekend, and that’s only having proxy on green, and wait for my schedule reboot to see what it does, today was the reboot and didn’t give a problem.

I still can’t onderstand but time will tell.

I have a schedule reboot only ones a week, so today it went ok , i will check how it went next time.

Best regards Neopegasus

Just a small update, I did some test and most of the time it only works on the next reboot after that it will come back to the same problem , need a manual restart of webproxy.

As in this post : it had been report-it, I will just wait for a fix.
In the meanwhile i will check what i can do and find.

Thanks for the good help

After having some problem updating to core 157, i needed to reinstall and do a restore, after all this, the proxy server is working fine, even after reboot.

This is the problem i had:

Thanks for the help.

Good evening,
it also happened to me that after the update to 158, the proxy service does not restart automatically at every restart.
I noticed that it is flagged “Suppress version information:” and there is no way to remove it, it wasn’t there before.
I noticed that to restart the web proxy, I just need to click on a button also to clear the cache.

I have another firewall with the same version of ip-fire, same hardware but if I restart it the service starts regularly

My hardware is:
Intel J1900 with 4GB Ram and 32 GB ssd and 4 lan
IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 158