Which user (machine) is using all the bandwidth

I feel a bit dumb asking this, because I should already know the answer…

How can I quickly find out which machines are hogging all the bandwidth?

Hi @dragonslayr ,

you can install sarg addon under Pakfire :

With history and graphs, it’s happiness ! :slight_smile:

Easy is with iftop addon. In real time.

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Sarg did not work for me…

Sarg seems to be looking at non-SSL type data (e.g., HTTP and not HTTPS).


EDIT: Maybe pmacct will help.

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you’re right @roberto especially since we can see the bandwidth of each network independently !

Is there a web interface implementation for it? Can’t see it!

Seems to be command line only. As long as the user is “currently” using the bandwidth, I guess this may be useful. Not exactly optimal for this. I’d rather a graph that points out in red, “THIS IS THE IDIOT WATCHING PORN AT WORK”. :slight_smile:

Hi guys - new here posting but I have long used iptraf for this. In fact, ipfire is installed as my home router now when I was WTH? the Netgear Orbi can not tell me top talkers? iptraf-ng is in Pakfire. I blew through the Cox transfer cap so I configuring up ubuntu 18.x LTS on a MiniPC to put on a switch span port when I went “hmmmm, wonder what ipfire is rocking these days??” - Kirk