WAN backup line

I should perform a somewhat particular configuration.
I should manage two internet lines in input (DMZ) if possible with balancing, or one in backup to the other
I don’t seem to have seen something that allows it but I wanted to have more precise information if such a possibility exists and if it is not present if implementation is foreseen

Not sure that I am fully understanding what you are trying to do.

The internet connection goes into the WAN connection, in IPFire that is the red network.
The DMZ is not directly connected to the internet but via the firewall so appropriate rules can be applied.

  • If you are looking for dual wan connection to the firewall with load balancing then that can not be provided by IPFire.

  • If you are looking for a failover approach then that can be setup but only with a dial-up connection. Search in the forum for “failover wan”


sorry i realized only now that i had written DMZ instead of WAN
what I have to do is the possibility of having two internet connections, one on ADSL and the other on 4G
the latter as a backup line in case of lack of the main one
I look for where you recommended for now thanks

No problem. We are clear now.

This is possible.

Here is a thread which covers this topic.


You basically need to create a dialup profile for your main adsl connection and another profile for your mobile 4G connection. Then the 4G profile is set as a backup on your maion adsl profile.

Wiki page about dial up profiles.

Here is the wiki page on Network Hardware Compatibility - 3G/4G section

Here is the wiki page on setting up the 3G/4G profile.

If you have any further questions on this or have any difficulties then come back. I have never tried this myself but there are definitely other forum members who have worked on this and will be able to help you.

Good luck.