Possible Dual WAN failover? (xDSL + DHCP)

Hello all,
I’m new to IPFire.and would like to set it up over my home network, with dual WAN failover.

The primary WAN is an PPPoe dialup (xDSL via vlan) and secondary WAN is a USB 4G modem which use DHCP only, no dialup require.

I have gone thru a number of posts and it confusing me: WAN failover only available when using both wan dialup mode?

Currently, the IPFire was installed in a VirtualBox’s VM and working fine with either xDSL or the USB modem, but how am I “merge them into a single RED interface” or 2 RED interface?

Appreciate if anyone could assist on how to setup with such scenario. Btw, I do have a vlan capable switch at home.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ccskymade

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See the following posts on this topic



Unfortunately the backup has to be dialup and cannot be dhcp

I believe this is planned to be capable in IPFire 3.x but that is still some way away.

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Thanks @bonnietwin , pretty clear now.