2 WAN interface / 2 internet providers

How do I set 2 wan interface
Load balance ?
backup interface?

Do not need or want Vlan

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In your case unfortunately with ipfire 2 not at all if vlan is not an option.



using a second dial-up profile as a backup connection is possible, please refer to
https://wiki.ipfire.org/configuration/system/dial for further information.

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Peter Müller

IPFire does support fallback to another Internet connection in case the first one fails.

However, it does not support any load-balancing over multiple Internet connections. That is generally a bad idea and does not work well at all. You will create more and new problems for yourself.

This should always be the very very last resort and you should contact your ISP what they can do for you.

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I’ll try to make a better example of what I’m trying to do ( very standard )
so I have one Internet provider sample ( Comcast ) wan1 red
then I have another Internet provider sample ( spectrum ) wan2

so i’m looking to make a double Wan
not like 1 Internet provider bringing in two connections

If I have to use vlan is it for the second wan

all the computers are run off sample ( - green
By the way thank you very much for helping me

If the two providers are via modems in routing mode, can you put the LAN side of both routers on the same network, but with different host addresses ?, then feed to a switch.


so i’m looking to make a double Wan

for what reason? Load balancing? Failover? …?

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Peter Müller

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I still don’t understand why. Are you trying to double bandwidth?

If the main one fails the other one takes over automatically the load balancing would be nice but not needed the ability to set ports to different wan would be nice port 80 to wan 1 port 443 to wan 2

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

As mentioned above, IPFire supports this out of the box.

Why? This makes absolutely no sense

I read in the manual that this is supported, but ist doesn‘t say how (or i didn‘t find it). Can somebody explain how this is done? One WAN connection wired, one backup connection through a LTE modem.


if you have set up a dial-up connection on RED (its type does not matter), all you need to do is to create a second dial-up profile for your LTE modem. Then return to your first profile and select the second one at “in case reconnection fails, switch to profile”.

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Peter Müller

Thanks. I will try ist.

I think there is a misunderstanding. I need 2 WAN ports: Port1 is connected to a network that gives me internet access through DHCP or static ip. Port 2 should has a LTE modem as a backup which is a HTC 5G Hub ans has a DHCP server on it, through which i connect to the internet. How do i set this up? I searched everywhere. No mention in the wiki jow to do this.

I think dual/double WAN is not supported behind a device like a router. Not as failover automatically. You have to switch the gateway IP manually. Failover works only as dial in behind a modem. Like Peter says.
A mixed mode with one router and one LTE (dial up) will not work on IPFire.
The ‘problem’ is the red interface which can only switched to pppoe OR static/automatic IP.

That’s what it looks like to me. I can specify Red to be in Bridge Mode and assign 2 Ethernet Ports to it, but it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be used as a failover port, since I can’t configure anything else that would be needed to do a failover correctly.
I guess I’ll have to use another software then.

Is dual WAN really not supported?

I have 2 ISP: one uses GPON and the other uses HFC.

I took a hit from HFC one which doesn’t matter here, I just have it. The advantage is that when one goes down I have the other as backup, and I also do load balancing on them.

Currently I have OpenWRT with mwan doing the load balancing and it works, when download is segmented or under BitTorrent and ed2k.

On IPv4, I have NAPT and mwan does the load balancing. On IPv6, both global prefixes are used to attribute IPv6 addresses to devices using DHCPv6 and SLAAC, even Android receives addresses from both prefixes, mwan load balancing doesn’t work.

Doesn’t IPFire support it?