Virtualized web server

Hello everyone, I’m new here.

I am doing the final project of my systems and network administration studies and I have created a virtualized network using ipfire

I have been searching the forum for a similar question and have only found this thread (Firewall rule(win server -> ipfire ->web server)), but I have not managed to solve the problem i’m having. I hope you can help me.

My network consists of a virtual machine with ipfire and two networks, green (LAN) and orange (DMZ).

In the DMZ network I have installed a virtual windows server machine with a web server (IP What I intend is to be able to access the website from my physical computer through a browser.

the virtual machine is configured with bridged networking and all the virtual machines has internet connection trough my router.

I have created a firewall rule with port forwarding, following this guide: Here is my screenshot:

When i access both from my physical computer and from a computer in the green network, it gives me an error (HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.)

Do you know what else I need to configure?


this is an application problem. If you get a 404 in response, your system
is able to establish a TCP connection to something that responds with 404.

Like any other packet filter, IPFire only processes OSI layers 3 and 4. With
IPS enabled, you might get some attacks at layer 7, but in case a rule matches,
the corresponding packet is just dropped without forging any HTTP response
back to its source.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Thank you Peter,

I have searched the internet how to fix error 404 but I have not succeeded (I have reviewed MIME, permissions, authentication). I know we are in an ipfire forum and my error is from IIS, but any help will be welcome.

Is there a default index.htm that IIS provides? The 404 error indicates the server cannot find the file. I dont know IIS config but you should be able --if logged on to the machine that runs IIS-- to view the default page with http://localhost/index.htm

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i finally solve the problem reinstalling de IIS to recover the default web site, i deleted it because i wanted a new one. And now the web page loads correctly. Thx Paul and Peter.