Firewall rule(win server -> ipfire ->web server)

Hello, I’m a CS student studying IPfire and testing to access from host windows server to vm web server through vm IPfire. Would you help me to set up the firewall rule? I’ve tried it to but can’t access the web site. My environment is like below;

(Src) Windows 10 Server( - host server for Hyper-V
(Firewall) IPfire, Green(, Red( - vm on Hyper-V
(WebServer) - same vm with IPfire on Hyper-V

When I tried to connect to web server from Windows server , . I got can’t be reach error(ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT). I also made firewall rules like below;
#1 TCP - any - Firewall(RED):80 ->
#2 TCP - any - Firewall(GREEN):80 ->

tried many cases but couldn’t solve it! Please help me to resolve. Thanks!

A webserver should be in the DMZ (orange). Have a look at and

I think this page describes what you’re trying to do …