Upgrade ipfire version 100

My current version is
IPFire 2.19 (i586) - Core Update 100

How can i upgrade it to the newer version ?
Current version does not have Geo ip location and i believe it is not synching with pakfire as well

Core Update 100 is from 6 years ago so you can not update it via Pakfire. You will need to take a backup and do a fresh installation followed by a restore. A likely problem even with a backup and restore is that a lot of files will have changed in that time so it is likely that any backup from Core Update 100 may also not work with the current version. In that case you will need to note the set up you have for your CU100 and set that up from scratch in a new install.

The other problem is that the 32 bit version of IPFire is no longer being supported since the end of 2021. The last version supporting 32 bit was Core Update 162.

If your hardware can run 64bit and 32bit software then I would suggest to install the 64 bit version.
If you hardware can not support 64bit software then I would recommend that you look to purchase some new 64bit capable hardware.


When I do a big update I view each IPFire WebGUI screen and print it to a PDF file. That way I can re-create most every thing manually (if needed).

I end up with 80+ PDFs that become a nice visual backup of each configured IPFire screen.

This has helped me more than once!