Transition from i586 to x64 hardware

Hallo List!

my current firewall PC has a 32bit i586 CPU.

Can I use the iso-backup image from the above PC if I transition to a x64 firewall PC?

If not, where are the iptables rules stored so that I would not have to reenter them via the GUI?

many thanks in advance! Ruedi

You should use a normal backup (best with logs) because creating the iso is useless and time consuming for your task. (The iso backup create a normal backup and master it as new i586 install media.)

You have to install the x86_64 version and then restore the backup. After this you have to remove the inkompatible rrd files.

I would do the following procedure.

  • First, backup the configuration files from the Web Interface (System/Backup), this generates a main file, plus one for each addon with .ipf extension. Save these files somewhere (for example on a laptop). If you use URL filter (Network/URL filter) you need to do a backup of your rules as well.

  • Next, install a fresh copy of IPFire on the x64 machine. Do the set up procedure so that you havce a minimal installation that allows you to connect your laptop (where you have the .ipf backups) to the green network.

  • Finally, from the laptop using the Web Interface, do a restore of the .ipf backup files.


thank you both for the quick reply. Will get back you if I should run into trouble. -Ruedi

I was on x86 virtual machine under vmware environment.
i decided to switch to x64 machine for security reason as Micheal Tremer advised.
i did exactly what cfusco wrote and all went fine without problems.