Core Update 149 not available via Pakfire

Has the Core Update 149 been withdrawn maybe for some hw platforms?

I made the update on one IPFire on Friday and wanted to do it on anonther IPFire yesterday and today, but Core Update 149 is not offered by Pakfire there.

If your system is i586 or i686 this is normal because we have removed the update from the server because it crash on i586 hardware.

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Maybe someone can post a message on the blog about this removal?

I think a thread here and a ticket at bugzilla are enough.

Okay, I suppose this is the the ticket at Bugzilla:

I am not sure what i586 does mean here. I have for example an Intel Celereon 3855U processor and IPFire shows ipfire 2.25 (i586) in the bottom line. This does not seem as such an uncommon or overly old processor but still showing i586. Is really only 1.2 percent using i586? What is the majority using? I am having three IPFires and all three show i586 and I was not aware that I choose exotic hardware. So I am bit puzzled.

And one IPFire that shows i586 too have been succesfully updated to core 149 before the update was removed (using Celeron® Quad-Core J1900 processor there).

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Been a bit to quick. Looking under System -> System information I can see that my systems are showing

“arch” = “i686”

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Don’t know why the new gcc produces NOPL instructions, nor which processor architectures don’t ‘honor’ that.

Nevertheless all 32Bit systems should be converted to 64Bit systems. Linux doesn’t really support 32Bit anymore. Don’t ask why. IMHO there are many applictions/devices where a 32Bit system is sufficient.

It looks like the Intel Celeron 3855U processor is 64 bit.

So you may want to make a backup of you current setup, download the current x86_64 (the 64 bit version) at, reload the backup, and then give it a try…

Was the installation made with a 32bit media, @stefanjossgrund?

Yes, I suppose I have installed 32bit version. Okay, now seems I will go for 64bit installation with backup.

Before jumping from the airplane with the parachute suit, take your time to scrub a bit the forum. The restore from 32bit backup gave some issues to many others and few solutions are already available.

@Pike: Thanks for pointing that out. I will take care and probably just have a disk swap, so I can go back to old install if something goes wrong. Do you know of specific forum threads about problems with 32bit backup on x64 installation?

I found this Transition from i586 to x64 hardware and How to switch from i586 to x64 platform which indicate that transition to x64 with backup from 32bit might work smoothly.

I’m also not using many addons.

An issue was related to graphs.