How to switch from i586 to x64 platform

I am currently preparing to change the platform from i586 to x64 and would like to avoid having to re-enter all settings manually. Is it enough to reinstall and then import a current backup?

Hi @batnator ,

Yesterday I did that so I share my impressions.

I made a backup from the whole system and from nginx and guardian

I installed from ISO with serial console supported and entered setup manually (language, keyboard, Card Assignments, Gateway, …) .
I used a new password.

After that I imported the unchanged backup from the whole system
After that addons nginx and guardian.
After that I installed nginx and guardian via packfire.
All was going perfect I had even the old password back.

I do not know if manually setup first is necessary but I was positivly surprised how easy it was going.
Depending how careful you want to work 2 - 4 hours but I guess with routine it can be done in half an hour.

Of course you need linux/tech knowledge and read the forum once a while!!