Startpage: network/interface naming/displaying improvement questions

hello world

well, i am working more and more with ipfire, also ordering more and more MA’s
and so i have to ask some questions hoping i am the very first :clown_face:

at - Home one is presented with
the network table listing:
‘network-name’ on ‘interface-colour’ | ip address | status.

where can one alter the names (LAN/Wireless/DMZ) shown?
can one add a column with the interface name and or interface-alias?

besides: one wont find consistent infos at the - Zone Configuration
RED is not labled INTERNET and so on …
one always has to translate: zonecolour/zonename/interface/networkname :face_with_spiral_eyes:

imagine one has a BLUE zone on an ethX and not a single wifi device inside the network.
lets say BLUE is a ‘guest’ LAN.
the tableentry ‘WiRELESS’ on the startpage creates a kind of conflict. :man_shrugging:

looking at Missing dark mode the coloured cells can be a challenge.
also modern ‘night-mode’ setups create a limitation in recognizing the colors,
so simple text could help out easily.

could the mainpage/startpage be improved by showing better information?
the zoneconfiguration is a configuration page, ok.
but on the mainpage, it could be helpful to see something like:
‘myDMZ’ on eth3 [ORANGE ZONE]

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Edit the file

If you are using another language use the appropriate language file from that directory.

Search for internet, lan, wireless, dmz in that file and change the translated words to what you want.

After editing the language file you need to run the command update-lang-cache for the changes to be implemented.

If the language files are modified in a Core Update then your edits will be overwritten and you will need to re-do them.

If you want to modify the OpenVPN title then you will need to do this in the cgi code for that page as that title is not translated in the language files.

and edit the OpenVPN word on line 375. Again any updates to index.cgi in a Core Update will overwrite your edits.

In all above case make a backup copy of the file being changed in case something goes wrong and the page comes up with an “Internal Server Error” message.


ok. ty :pray:
i will try and hack :pick: :man_farmer:

Hi, I’m open to any suggestions to improve the readability when the dark theme is enabled. Please let me know!

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if the startpage gets improved, things like darkmode/nightmode(red october like cockpit)
should be considered. we can go on in the darkmodetopic.


The changes being suggested are only likely to be implemented if someone steps forward and does the code work for the modifications and submits a patch/patchset to the development mailing list.

The core developers team on IPFire is extremely small and their main focus is on security/privacy/bug issues on IPFire2.x Beyond those then they are working on IPFire3.x which is a ground up new approach that deals with some of the limitations of IPFire2.x due to its historical background, both in execution and in update building. IPFire3.x will also include IPv6 capability and the ability to have more interfaces than the current four etc, etc.
All the developers are also volunteers who also have day jobs to pay the bills.

The core developers are always pleased to welcome any person willing to step forward to either fix some of the simpler bugs in IPFire2.x or to make general improvements to the WUI.
Just follow the information in the wiki about how to do any code changes and patch submissions.


Sounds good to me :wink: