[Solved] IP Port 1119 - DROP_OUTGOING instead DNAT?

Hello, could you please help with a clarification?

Some machines have got a Blizzard Game (i.e. “Starcraft”) installed and activated. It appeared that, since when I closed the outgoing firewall rules according to your latter Wiki posts, there is a regular bunch of drops on IP port 1119/TCP OUTGOING on interface RED.

When defining any outgoing rule which circumvents this problem, it appears the messages are gone.

However, I wonder why this happens from GREEN to RED; I believe that should be DNAT, not OUTGOING, isn’t that right?

Thank you!

p.s. Could that be that the Blizzard sofware nats itself through the worksations and ends up in the firewall somehow?

If you set the outgoing firewall to block, all traffic will rejected that has no explicit rule that allow it.

This has nothing to do with DNAT (Destination NAT) this is to redirect an incoming connection on a speciefied port to an other computer in you lan. In many other routers this is called port forwarding.

Thank you for clarification.