I am a guy living in Austria who was kicked by accident into curiosity regarding firewalls, networking and so on. Though being an IT engineer, it appears that the desire for creativity in form of trying things out is much easier with those new tiny devices and their quite well done operating system software bases.

I am personally critical on both Closed and Open Source Software solutions, but on the long term I really think that Open Source Software is a better way to do business, though these may be hard to be moderated and quality assured.

I am careful with “the cloud” but I think it’s not avoidable, especially in combination with OSS solutions, which need to be professionally maintained.

So, in a private manner, I really hate clouds, in business decisions, I would prefer them as they transfer the technical and legal risk to the IT vendors, and of course, it’d be cheaper as I would not have to maintain a full-blown IT staff.

In private, I do automatically spend a small amount of money monthly to the IP Fire project. However, it sums up.