Signature available?

Next one. Did not find any setting so far, but is it possible to set up a signature to be added to each posting made herein?

I googled and noticed that Discourse offers an add on for this task…

Discourse does not offer any signatures and I do not see any point for why it should do it.

I am very hesitant to install any extensions because they are usually poorly maintained and will block us from installing updates.

I understand. It’s not that important, however, we will definitely loose those sometimes useful sigs on old forums that showed us the specs of IPFire installations out there.

You can add that to your profile on and it will show up on your profile it you would like to…

Just added my Fireinfo URL to my profile, but I guess this won’t convert into a clickable URL, right?

I used the following URL and added it w/o any further tags:]

You can use standard markdown in your profile description on And with that you can embed an image.

OK, done with Markups, is there a delay for the sig from to Discourse?

Yes it will only be updated to Discourse when you log in again. So just log out and back in again and it will be updated immediately.

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I’m having trouble logging out & back in. It seems like the login page freezes. Then I get an “invalid name or password” error. I click “reset password” but nothing is received via email.

EDIT: I figured out part of it. I was using my username for the old wiki not the new “people”. :nauseated_face:

Got the password reset. I am good!

And now I have an error:

Too Many Requests
Error 429
# oops, something went wrong

No, your username is simply “jon”.

Yes, we have rate-limiting to avoid any brute-force attacks. I guess this should by gone by now.

A re-login solved this!

BUT, my profile under looks different than the one I get here when clicking on my avatar:

and community:

Which basically means, the picture I’ve added to my profile in peoples is not reflected here in community :expressionless:

That is whatever Discourse makes out of it. We just pass the markdown over to it.

If you click on an avatar only a small text without images will displayed. If the passed markdown is to long it will display nothing here.

Only if you click twice to get the full details of a user and have expanded the view the markdown with pictures will showed.

Not nice for fireinfo banner…

And even if I use the correct Markdown for my Fireinfo badge, this does not work correctly. At least on my side. But I guess this is nothing you can solve…

![FireInfo Image](

When pasting the URL into the browser, the image gets loaded, in user profile here in Discourse, after expanding the section, it shows like

Can you try with https://? We normally do not serve anything without encryption any more and do not allow embedding anything in plaintext either.

This works now:

FYI, using the URL, without https, worked so far in the old forum and still does.

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thank you for information

Yes, we redirect of course for everything and the old forum did not have any protection against embedding unsafe content. Another reason why it has to go.

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