Setting fcrontab

Following the suggestion in the post

I followed the instructions in the wiki to refine some services that I currently keep set up in Fcrontab and that are deleted in IPFire updates.
I did many trials following wiki.
I was able to create and enter the processes in fcronuser, but they do not run. Where could I have gone wrong? Any suggestions?
I send a draft of the steps I did following the wiki.
I thank you in advance.

  1. From the terminal, I typed:

useradd -r -U -d / -s /bin/false -c “carlo” fcronuser

  1. I created the file “fcronuser (with Attributes: root+root+0755)”:


And I inserted:


  1. I added to the file


the line


  1. From the terminal, I typed:

export VISUAL=nano; fcrontab -u fcronuser -e

  1. I inserted in the new fcronuser, the same lines inserted in in the previous (original IPFire) file.

  2. I tried restarting the service:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/fcron restart

and also IPFire. But the “processes are not executed”.

I just tried to install a fcronuser fcron file.
It functions!

*/5 * * * * /bin/date >>/root/tfc

writes all 5 min the date into the file.

BTW: Why do you use the fcrontab way for your problem?
@bonnietwin suggested to put the iptable commands into firewall.local
That is the right place. Each start of the firewall defines the rules, each stop deletes them.


I thank you for the answer. I am using fcrontab with a line similar to the one you mentioned. For now iptable I have suspended it. I need to study well how firewall.local works :blush:.
I have a doubt: I did the tests with the test version of IPFire. Will this be a problem with the test version? If my procedures are correct it seems strange to me that it does not work for me.

@reboot /usr/
*/1 * * * * /usr/ > /dev/null

The commands that are inside have nothing to do with iptable. If you want I can publish them.
With the stable version everything works, but I haven’t tried there “fcronuser”.

The commands that you put in /usr/ do they have the full path name defined?

The testing version of CU174 would have no effect on that procedure.


The attributes should be the same as the other files in that directory root:root 0640

Not sure that will be related to your problems but you have made the permissions wider than they need to be.

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You don’t need to restart fcron. If you have changed an fcrontab via the fcrontab -e command then after exiting from the editor the changes are applied to the fcrontab immediately.


They contain lines like this:

curl -v -u “” nic/update?hostname=nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

But I have another suspicion: maybe I made a mistake in writing the processes in in the IPFire test.
If you can assure me that the procedures listed in the first post are correct, I will try it directly on my good IPFire server and update you.

I would try first on the system you have set up the fcronuser the following command.

sudo -u fcronuser /usr/

This will run the command you have put into your fcrontab as the user fcronuser and if it fails it should give some messages about what the problem is.


Thank you very much. I’ll do the test right away and update you as soon as I finish!!! :smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

In the wiki page about setting up a fcrontab user there is also a Troubleshooting section near the end that would be worth having a look at.


I guess my suspicion was right.
It seems to be working. I will move it to my good server. I don’t think there are any other problems!!!

sudo -u fcronuser /usr/

It put me on the right track!!!