Segregate one VLAN from rest of network

Hi all, I have one machine with 2 NICs (Red and Green) running IPFire. NIC1 is Red and is connected to WAN, NIC2 is Green and is connected to a managed switch and serves my home network.

I now need to add a work firewall device to my home network, which will tunnel to my office network behind the scenes.

The plan was to create a separate VLAN on the swtich for this traffic, and put it on a separate subnet using the Blue zone. Home traffic would all traverse over NIC2 Green (, work traffic would traverse over NIC2 Blue (, and the two would not be able to interact. After going through the forums, I’m seeing lots of people struggling with VLAN traffic when they have fewer NICs than zones, and I have a similar question.

Can this be done with IPFire and 2 NICs?


Yes run setup to add blue.
Then from WUI set vlan.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Here’s my initial setup, but not having any luck yet. My first assumption would be to set the blue zone to VLAN 2 (My work network VLAN) on same same NIC as the Green zone, since they’re physically on the same NIC. I’ve also disabled the Blue zone MAC filtering with a rule. So far I’m not getting any connection from any device on that VLAN though:

A followup question as well. Once I can get devices connecting on Blue (which I’m still not sure what this issue is there), will DHCP pick them up even though Blue has a different subnet defined, or will they need to be static IPs?