Multiple VLANs on Green Interface

My current setup: Comcast internet connected to red interface of IPFire. Green interface connected to port 1 of 48-port Cisco 2960S. Two Ruckus APs connected to the Cisco on ports 11 and 12. These three ports are configured for VLAN trunking. I’ve been running my entire network on Vlan 1 (untagged) with great success thus far. I would like to setup a guest network on the Ruckus APs using Vlan 100. I have done so in the Ruckus interface. I can connect to the guest SSID. It will disconnect shortly after because it doesn’t get a DHCP address. That problem I will address down the road. My main issue, is, that when assigning a static IP address in the same subnet as IPFire and pointing it to IPFire for the default gateway, I can’t reach the internet.

Is it possible for IPFire to recognize and route multiple VLANs on the Green interface?

If you add a blue zone on Vlan 100 of your Green network.
Should be no problem from WUI.
You can disable MAC filter if not Needed.
You need Vlan trunk to Green from switch.

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IMO IPFire makes a good firewall but shouldn’t be expected to act as a fully-fledged router. Get a router for that.

A simple Ubiquiti Edgerouter X will allow you to use multiple VLANs, each with its own DHCP address range, and is a nice little device for the money.

Thank you very much for the quick answer! My understanding of your response: I would have to have a physical interface associated with each VLAN I want to create if I were to do this through the WUI, correct?

The WUI will allow you to add 1 Vlan per NIC.
So Green = native /vlan1
Blue = Green /Vlan 100

I have a Vlan on Orange


The WUI may not Show the other zone if you did not set them up.
So check your MAC assignment to your nics and from the console Run setup again
and add zone with no nic Assigned to it and finish fom the WUI.

I think what I should have said in my response was, each VLAN would have to have a zone associated with it to be able to set this up in the WUI. I have 4 NICs and 4 Zones. My understanding is: I can use Orange and Blue for two different VLANs, but that is the maximum amount of VLANs that IPFire can route because the maximum amount of Zones available in IPFire is 4 (one red interface, one green interface, and two VLAN interfaces).

Yes. You can add more by the hard way.

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Thank you for the help and clarifications, Shaun! And the very quick response was amazing!

Found this on the old forum add it this post to future proof the info.
Glade I could help.

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