RPi4B - cannot access the WebUI


I’m having a very similar problem with the latest IPFire image on a Raspberry Pi 4…I debated starting a new thread but I’ll try reviving this one first. So, I’ve set everything up and my green interface is on my local network and has a static IP assigned to it ( which I can ping without issue from another system on my network (

However I cannot access the WebUI at all on the IPFire device…all connections attempts to are refused repeatedly. This makes no sense at all…I can plug the IPfire Pi into a monitor and keyboard and see that everything looks fine and the web server is running on tcp/444 but I cannot remotely access the WebUI at all from any other system on my network. I’ve also attempted to see if the port is responding via nmap from my other system and it clearly is reporting back that tcp/444 is closed on the IPFire when it should be obviously be accessible, no? What is going on with this? There is no firewall between these two devices and they are on the same subnet/vlan…

Host is up, received user-set (0.0025s latency).
Scanned at 2022-10-23 22:03:39 EDT for 0s

444/tcp closed snpp    conn-refused

This is really annoying and frustrating and I would really appreciate some help with sorting out what the heck is going on with this.

Thank you!

who is the DHCP server in your LAN, IPFire? If yes, why IPFire does not have and who has it? How did you setup IPFire? What is the output of ip a on the IPFire machine? As usual in this kind of post it would help showing the topology of the network.


Hi there, thanks for the reply-

My router currently has and is also the DHCP server on my LAN but I’m not seeing at the moment how DHCP comes into play here? IPFire is setup with GREEN+RED and IPFire is not doing anything with DHCP currently that I am aware of. I did not think it would matter what IP address the IPFire green interface has as long as it’s on the same subnet/vlan- I’m just setting it up to do some initial testing and would like to connect to the WebUI etc. before I decide to drop it into my network as an actual firewall. My red interface is not physically connected but in setup it’s using the “modem” selection.

With my green interface using a static IP within my local network that’s clearly reachable currently to me this makes no sense as to why I cannot connect to the WebUI on the IPFire and why it is dropping connections from the same subnet I have my green interface sitting on.

I cannot copy and paste ip a output since I cannot ssh into the IPFire device currently either however as I mentioned above green0 is and red0 is using the “modem” selection at the moment chosen during the setup process and is not currently connected. I’m not sure what I’m missing here but I don’t see how these things could effect me being able to connect to the WebUI on the green interface IP from another IP on the same subnet?

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You can access your IPFire system on the console ( serial or monitor/keyboard, depends on your hardware ).
Log in as root/<your root pw set during setup>. From there you can do all, you would do with a SSH connection.
Especially ip a and tail -f /var/log/messages ( live monitoring of the system messages ).

This approach is independent from a functioning network and thus can catch hints for your issue.

Do you know that you are reaching IPFire green interface and not another machine in your network? How did you tell IPFire to have that static address and it is really working? Is IPFire allowing access to its web interface if its DHCP server is not running? Just few questions to ponder. Some of those should be answered by ip addr show, which you can reach by connecting keyboard and monitor to IPFire machine and do a root/password login.

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