RPI4 Rev 1.4 -- Boot from USB SSD success!

If I simply replace /boot/bcm2711-rpi-4-b.dtb in the core update 160 IPFire image with one from the Ubuntu 21.10 image, IPFire boots up (if given enough time) even without a microSD card inserted. The boot up takes a long time, because u-boot expects a microSD card to be present. After some searching, the bootup finds its way to GRUB and then to the Linux kernel.

The green and red interfaces work as expected and the firewall rules appear to function properly.

However, I can’t seem to get hostapd working. I’ll start a different thread for that.

Edit: I discovered another problem – the system time is incorrect. I have a hunch that should be resolved before the hostapd problem is dealt with.

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Nice find. I will update the firmware and dtb files.

I think the dns check problem to force ntp from our server is already fixed in git. But core161 is already built so you have to wait for 162 or change the unbound initskript manually.

If you want to boot with grub you can speed up this by deleting boot.scr

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I combined that with this post and voila! IPFire comes up from a SD-Card inserted
SD-Card, USB and wireless client work
IPFire 2.27 (aarch64) - Core Update 162 Development Build: next/c6e90690

Workaround because of a possible http 500 bug: touch /var/ipfire/main/manualpages

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