Red0 problems after an energy shutdown

Hello everybody,

After an energy shutdown, red0 nic doesn’t start. At boot time there’s a message in red indicating that red0 doesn’t exist. This is not the first time.

I have to setup red0 again to get the network with internet.

I have assigned a mac address to red0 nic, and the question is
Can this affect the nic at boot time after energy recovery?

I’m not talking about a reboot, but an energy recovery after a 5 minutes or more with the box in off.

Thank you.

This sounds very similar to my problem I had. It’s only happened once so far.

Thanks John Doe,

This could be the case. This happen when there’s a power drop from the public system, obviously the system is shutted down improperly, after some minutes or more when the power is up again I lost the red0 nic, but only red0. Green0 works as usual.

I have optic fiber service and the ip is served by the ISP’s dhcp server. As mentioned in original post I have to setup red0 again to get internet access.

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