Raspberry pi 4B V1.5 wifi


I am running the latest release on my R Pi 4 H/w 1.5 and I cannot seem to get hostapd to work.

I have installed Hostapd and get the menu option under packfire. When I access this page it shows wifi as running in Green but the AP simply will not start.

The country code is set correctly and the channel is correct for the country. i.e. GB and ch 36 but it never shows anything other than red and a can of local SSIDs on using a tablet to monitor shows everything but the one I setup.

Am I the only one to experience this problem and if so how did you get around it?

Many thanks

Tried that? RPI4 B onboard WIFI HT and VHT Caps

Slightly off topic but I wanted to mention this: Do not trust SD cards in the long run. They tend to just die out of the blue a lot. Especially when IPFire is constantly writing logs and whatnot. Yeah, backups are good but no one wants have to get to that point.

Screwed me over many-a-time with a few different systems.