Project logo reformulation suggestion

Hello everybody,
I’m known in the Free Software world as Cadunico, I’m a Brazilian designer who likes to help Free and Open Source projects with my skills.

I have just found out about your project and I identify with the cause a lot.

For this reason, attached to this post is a suggestion for reformulating the logo. Hope you like it!

A hug to everyone!!

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@cadunico , welcome to the project.

Thank you for your suggestion.
In my opinion, your design opens a new look at our project. But

  • the name IPFire isn’t easily readable ( for me :wink: )
  • our ‘old’ logo expresses more clearly the nature of our product ( a Linux system -Tux- named IPFire )

As always, artwork is a case of personal preferences.



I agree with Bernhard about readability.

Tux should be there, or is it a pigeon in the white flames, and I have previously suggested a simplified version somehow, inspired by work done by JLR on the Jaguar Growler Logo some 20 years ago.

See my post about that here.

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Is there a product manager among us?

For years, product manufacturers have been conveying their logo in commercials.
With a lot of money, they try to imprint the logo in the memory of young people.

Logos and product name, are like business cards, you don’t change their appearance and design.
The customer should be able to quickly recognize and find my business cards, among of other.

Think of cars and the manufacturer’s logos, the recognition value of the symbols.

The current logo has already gained a recognition value and a safety statement and a statement of strength in people’s minds.

So why changing the logo ??? Never do so!



@trash-trash You definitely have a point.

Indeed point well taken. But logotypes and symbols also evolve over time.

My example with Jaguar should suffice, but I can list any number of companies that have changed their visual recognition over time, just one additional example below these lines

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maybe an incremental change of the logo, leaving certain elements like Tux, but introducing a slightly modified new look could be considered when Version 3 will enter in beta? As usual, these things depend on the execution. The logo shown by OP is not bad, I thing a good artist or graphic expert could do something useful for the project.

:wink: I think it looks better like this

However, I prefer the old logo.

blast from the past: