Problem with Core Update 168 and custom LCD4Linux package

Unfortunately I have a problem with the Core Update 168.
Since I installed this I can’t get my LCD4Linux to run anymore.
What has changed with Core Update 168?
I have already manually reinserted /usr/lib/ and /usr/lib/*, but I still can’t get LCD4Linux to run.
What else was changed that prevents the start?
Unfortunately, I can’t find any error message in the log files.
I would like to undo this manually because I cannot update otherwise because I am dependent on LCD4Linux.
And no, lcdproc is not an alternative for me.
Would be great if someone could give me a tip.



The following files/versions were removed from IPFire during the update.

Remove files

rm -rvf

These would then have been replaced with the updated versions, except for those libraries, such as libusb, that are no longer required in IPFire. libusb is no longer required as the updated version of nut no longer uses it.

Whether any of these removed/updated files are used by LCD4Linux I don’t know.

I suspect your best bet is going to be to build LCD4Linux yourself including any dependencies that are no longer in IPFire so that the correct library linking can be done to the binary.


Hi Adolf

thanks for your tip.
I found the mistake.
I put an update in the addon thread



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