LCD4Linux with support for Samsung SPL-105p

Beautiful good day.

Would it be possible to add a driver for the Samsung SPL-105p to the LCD4Linux?
I’ve already tried it myself, but I put the cards.


Marcel (Smooky)

Hi Marcel,

Unfortunately the drivers for LCD4Linux come as part of the source code file.

Normally the approach would be for you to contact the developers of that package and ask them to have the driver included.

Unfortunately nothing seems to have been worked on with LCD4Linux since the start of 2009. All the links to the source code no longer go anywhere and get a Not Found error message.

Last user mailing list entry is in 2016 and last developer reply in the developers mailing list was in 2015.

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Hi Adolf,

the drivers are included in the package of LCD4Linux.
A updated version is here
They only have to be specified in the ./configure .

e.g. ./configure --with-drivers='SamsungSPF' --with-plugins=all,!qnaplog,!dbus --prefix = / usr

or the same with all drivers then so

./configure --with-drivers=all --with-plugins=all,!qnaplog,!dbus --prefix=/usr

best regards

Marcel (Smooky)

Hi Marcel,

The default for the ./configure is --with-drivers=all if nothing is specified. So that is the case for the IPFire build.

I checked through the build log for lcd4linux and found that it could not find libjpeg.h and that caused it to disable the SamsungSPF driver.
There are a few other drivers that are disabled because some files could not be found during the build.
libjpeg.h is present in IPFire in the libjpeg core program but lcd4linux is not finding it.
LCD4Linux had to have autoupdate run on and autoreconf added to the build due to the last update of autoconf. LCD4Linux was not able to find lots of files and refused to build. This is because the LCD4Linux autotools programs were created with a much much older set of tools. The autoupdate and autoreconfigure solved the problems enough to successfully build but obviously not enough to find all files for all drivers.

I have looked at the new location you mention and there is a file from 2016 but no new versions since then. The is created with a slightly newer version of automake (2013 vs 2012) vs 2018 in IPFire but the configure file is made with the same version as the current installed one and that was built with an autoconf from 2012 and IPFire has 2021. The problem with the not found libjpeg.h file is from the ./configure stage so I am not very hopeful that it will be more successful.


So I tried building the version of lcd4linux that you indicated.

I got a build that completed but with exactly the same files not found as with the previous version. So again SamsungSFP etc drivers not installed.

I can’t think at the moment how to make lcd4linux find libjpeg.h
I will try and see if I can come up with some idea.

Hi Adolf,

I got it working now.
I compiled it under Debian 9 and used the old libs for it. I could then simply use the binary and the libs on the IPFire. Now I have to see how I can get it to compile under IPFire so that everyone gets something out of it.
Instead of the small Pearl DPF, I now have a nice, large 10 inch picture frame for status messages. A dream .

Best regards

Marcel (Smooky)