OpenVPN BLUE - dhcp-options PROXY_HTTP PROXY_HTTPS and other ports


I’ve testet a bit these two DHCP push options in server.conf.local in order to try OpenVPN with proxy on BLUE:

push “dhcp-option PROXY_HTTP 800”
push “dhcp-option PROXY_HTTPS 800”

It appears that it works fine but I have problems to gain access to ORANGE or RED with non-HTTP proxified ports, e.g. such as IMAP or MSA, though having created corresponding firewall rules from the static OpenVPN network device IPs to the target networks (ORANGE, RED).

What must I do to to allow traffic from the static OpenVPN network IP to ORANGE or RED?

Thank you!

Hi firewire,
did you tried to make this via Squids “Network based access control” ? FW rules might be needed .

As a stuck into the fog.