NordVPN with IPFire


i would like to use NordVPN as VPN Server for my hole network.

There is an howto by NordVPN…

on tun0 is my internal openvpn so i try it with tun1

if i start this tunnel then nothing is reachable outside my network from my clients…

has anyone an idea?

can anybody help me?


besides the trouble with VPN providers in general: Could you please post the content of the routing table of your IPFire machine?

See also: NordVPN HTTP POST bug exposed customer information, no authentication required

Hi Daniel,
I´ve been googling hard to find a solution that works for me.
As Im no IT guy its a bit complicated to get prepaid VPN service as Client to work on IPFire. I wish the devs make the VPN client setup as easy as on my ASUS router or OpenWRT or iGL.Net devices…

However This is a solution that helped me:
Download and open the provided zip. There is a pdf with step by step instructions.

If you are on Windows or MacOs I strongly recommend Total Commander with SFTP Client plug-in to access and easy edit ipfire config files via TC.

Hope this help