OpenVPN using ExpressVPN account

I have a VPN account with ExpressVPN. I would like to use it with IPfire, so all my internet traffic passes through the firewall AND the VPN tunnel.
I have all the necessary files from ExpressVPN (all works well on my Windows and Linux machines), but what to put where is not clear from the IPfire GUI.
Please advise how to do it.
Thank you

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AFAIK, not possible.

WTF is ExpressVPN ?
IF (!) it is a “normal” openVPN, there is an quite simple solution, but … no WebGui.
Nerver use IPFire standard setting :wink:
Manage it in CLI
setup only VPN-Provider gets a route through eth0 (RED) …all others get a setting on your openVPN Device (tun0) , this must be done after established the tunnel (the VPN device will appear with an established connection ) …and the tunneldevice disappaers when connection lost/broken…

Simply use a script for testing - ping to openVPN-Servers (fixed) IP - if available …set route , if not - wait nn seconds and make a new try.

it is a good way to get it work, if you do not understand thwe solution, …hands off !


ps: my device names are only examples

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I did a quick searching and this is the simplest setup I could do.
The main issue is that the DNS is still in clear. I use (Cloudflare) and TOR. That should help a bit.
Good luck

expressvpn on (446.7 KB)

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