No access web gui after core update 155

Hello everyone,

after updating to core update 155 I can no longer access the web gui.
The system (Terra Black Dwarf) boots up fine, ssh access is possible.

Before the update I could access by “” - this now ends in a timeout resp. " Internal Server Error".

What I already did without success:

  • system reboot
  • restart apache (/etc/init.d/apache restart) - apache starts

What I noticed is that the apache error_log gets flooded every second by messages like:

[Mon Mar 29 14:48:52.144389 2021] [core:notice] [pid 3376:tid 123547755762688] AH00052: child pid 20739 exit signal Aborted (6) must be installed for pthread_cancel to work

Could this be a problem? Where else should I have a look at?

Any help is greatly appreciated

I have the same Problem after Upgrade from 153 to 155 i have no longer access to the web gui. I got a timeout with Internal Server error. The window for the login credentials doesn’t appear anymore. The system reboot dosen’t solve the problem. The Internet works but i have no longer access to the Web Gui.
Any Idea?

can you ssh to your ipfire and check the apache error_log ?

I wasn’t able to figure out what went wrong in the update from 154 to 155.
After a clean install of 155 on the existing hardware I’m up and running again.


I have the same Problem after the update to core 155, but I don’t want to do a clean install… :worried:
It’s just so much work, setting it all up properly again.

Any other way of fixing that?

rebuilding isn’t as bad as it sounds. Just be sure you start with a backup.

Alright, the plan with the Backup sounds good :slight_smile:
So how does it work via command line? :grin:


from CLI
it you run backupctrl include, it will generate a backup file with logs
if you run backupctrl exclude, it will generate a backup w/o logs

Thank you :smiley: