Need help with setup of ipfire


I’m trying to setup ipfire on a Raspberry PI 3 B+. Install went fine.

However when red0 dchcpd gets an ip address from my isp, the ISP IP assigns successfully to red0, then as it continues to boot the ntp fails since there is no internet connection apparently. I cannot ping anything successfully from the cmd prompt. Any ideas as to what is going on?

I took my RasPi 3B+ down to play test something else. Tell me what version of IPFire you are using and I’ll build it up and give it a quick try.

I’m using the latest version I just downloaded. 2.23.2

It seems the solid amber light going to the modem means a 1gbps connection, which makes sense. Apparently I don’t need a green light for the modem, just amber. I searched the raspberry pi forums to find this info.

so you are good to go?

No. Now I am not able to ping anything like from the cmd prompt. I have no internet connection it seems, but i have an IP address from my ISP. I called my ISP and they said they don’t need to add the mac address of my firewall or anything to their systems. Nothing to do on their end.

I was also wanting to know how best to setup the IP addresses on ipfire setup. My google wifi router is What’s the best way to setup the GREEN0 interface with IPs and DNS? Sorry, i’m a noob when it comes to this stuff.

During the IPFire install: did you get past step 5?

If so, then you already setup green. What have you currently setup?

Yes, I completely set it up. I setup green to, but the wifi router is still blinking red, which means it has no connectivity. My google wifi router DHCP pool is - 200.

For the Green network: pick a different IP range. Don’t pick anything in the 192.168.86.* range. Maybe

Then for your green DHCP: pick to (or whatever range you would like that matches the above.

Thanks I will try that.

Do you know why during ipfire startup the ntp would fail after getting dhcp address from isp? I can try to ping from the cmd line on the firewall and it also fails. I’m thinking it may be dns related.

Not sure. What is the Red network setup like?

The Red network setup is on the same wiki page:

Static? DHCP? DNS settings?

red network is setup using dhcp. I did put in and for the dns, which is allowed I think if you want to specify your own dns service. I’ve tried it blank, and by putting in the DNS above.

I’m going to try to ping google’s IP directly and see if that works.

Out of curiosity, how fast are the download/upload speeds from your ISP (which I am guessing is google)?

Keep in mind the Raspi 3B+ has a max speed of 100 Mbits for the on-board ethernet.

I’m using fiber through Metronet, but only have a 200/200 plan.

So going thru the RasPi 3b+ you’ll be limited to 100/100 if you use the on-board ethernet…

I was able to ping google via IP address, and there was data loss and alot of latency in the ping response. Not good.

How is your red network connected to your ISP? Via the RasPi on-board ethernet? or?

Yes, the onboard ethernet is connected to red0 ISP. I’m thinking I can get another USB ethernet dongle to use for red0. Green is currently on a UGREEN USB ethernet dongle.

FYI - things are getting over my head so hopefully someone else will join in…

can you send a screenshot the the Main Page (menu System > Home)? Feel free to block out digits in the top area…

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