Multiple adapters for Red/Green interface


My ISP just increased my download speed to 1.2Gbps and my cable modem has two Ethernet ports to support this - would IPFire (through some custom configuration even without UI support) be able to aggregate multiple Ethernet adapters for a Red and Green interfaces so that I can take advantage of the speed?

I already have a spare Ethernet port that I don’t use and I could set it as an additional Red port.


I think You ask for functionality that is not intended to be for this linux distribution…

It looks like You ask for one of load-balancing types configuration… perhaps You should look at Mikrotik or similar… or build Your own linux distro ? :slight_smile: … that is not needed You are not first and also not last who is seeking for this solution… UTFG is Your friend :slight_smile:

IPTABLES of ipfire have limited space for modifications (or user rules), also You get locked there… more precisely said - You have no room for creating rules so complex they will act like load-balancer for multiple wan connections…

Hello Robert and Deyan,

if i understand Deyan right then he will only use a second additional interface to his gateway/router.
This is nothing that is really special and I think if he creates a bonding interface he can use this with IPFire.
Bonding is nothing distro specific so it should no problem to do this.
I would check if i can create a bond mode 5 and then use this bonding interface as red.



Besides the problem of combinig multiple red interfaces, I want to state that you have (nearly) all possibilities for iptables rules. You can them place into firewall.local. But it is to your own responsibility to check consistence and correctness of these rules ( including possible violations of ‘standard’ rules).

Connect IPfire directly to fiber or ask for different modem. Some providers allow iPfire as a modem.

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like @silvio wroted - his solution looks like what You searching for… but how to implement it into ipfire - You should test/investigate - if You on success - please write back how You did that.

Thank you very much Silvio, I believe this would probably solve my issue - my cable modem already has two Ethernet interfaces so I’ll use two of the IPFire Ethernet interfaces to is and then split that bandwidth between the Green and Blue interfaces (nothing to be done here since it will be automatic).

No problem, please give a feedback if it works as expected