Bonding and failover

I’ve got two questions:

  1. What abound bonding of two or more Ethernet Interfaces to one single Interface?
  2. How to create a failover connection with another Gateway (2nd router) any good practice?

Hi teejay,
did you ´ve seen the keepalived wiki --> ? May it delivers some solutions for you.



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i’v 3 questions.
How many IPFire i’ll need for this(two or three)?

The green network is located at where .1 is the exit router.
Two ipfires are setup as proxies for this network using these addresses:

  • logical address
  • real device address node1
  • real device address node2

Default gateway should be on green side as physical device? What’s about the others?

i don´t use keepalived but i think you can configure starting in a minimum with two (master and slave) with up to 255 instances via the ‘virtual_router_id’ which live in the ‘vrrp_instance’ section.

For a deeper look into the configuration possibilities, take a look into here --> .