More than 4 interfaces

Hello all,

I’ve a new piece of hardware which has 6 NICs. ( I want to use them to divide our network in more zones than standard RGBO. My Idea is to habe 3 more or less independend green zones. One for our servers (win-DC, exchange, erp) one for the wired clients and one for voip phones and pbx.

Is it possible to configure ipfire this way? I can configure zones with the gui, but it seems not to be possible to configure ipfire this way to realize my plan. Any other suggestions? maybe an addon?

I used for a long time ipcop (more than 10 years) and now I use ipfire for more than 2 years. Some experience is therefore available. But I’m only an admin…

Thanks in advance


Hi Alex,

the only way in ipfire 2 is using vlan’s


Hi DJ-Melo, thank you for your answer.

I read through the text behind your link, and vlan on ipfire only seems to be designed to virtualize blue and orange interfaces on the green interface.

So this doesn’t quite fit my problem and I am very critical of vlan for security reasons. Vlan-enabled switches are also needed.

on ipcop there was an addon which would have fulfilled my request exactly ( Is there a possibility to port this addon to ipfire?

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