Extra interfaces


I have recently moved from IPCop to IPFire.
After looking around, I cannot find any information on using more than 4 NICs in IPfFire.
Is there any addon, like “extra interfaces” in IPCop, that I missed?
If not, how could I add a new interface?

Thanks in advance.


i think you have to do it with vlan https://blog.ipfire.org/post/ipfire-2-23-core-update-132-released

If you want use multiple physical interfaces in one zone, e.g. 3 NIC’s in green, you can have a look at this:
Bridge multiple NIC’s
I have some working examples, since i used it myself with different options, at the moment as a bridge between wlan0 and blue0

Thanks for your suggestion.
That’s what I’m trying to avoid…

No, I don’t want any of these.
I just want more NICs!!!

I’ve seen the links you mention, that’s why I opened a new one for more than 4 NICs.
Thanks for your reply.

Its very easy now with the GUI page “Zone Configuration”. When I started I wrote a script to find all the interfaces I have and make a bridge for the green zone. Now you can just set each interface you want on Green (or whichever zone) to native and it works just fine. I have 13 interfaces on my green (my IPFire box is my switch as well) and one interface set to red. One of my built in lan ports is Red, one built in port is on Green, then I have 3x 4 port NICs all set to green. Works great.

If you are looking for more Zones, that I don’t know more about.

Thanks for sharing your configuration.
I’ll have it in mind in case I need it in the future.

You are correct, I need more zones!

@Nik7 did you found a way to define more than 4 zones?

I have a similar project that I’ve descibed here: More than 4 interfaces

For me it is only important that the proxy, the DHCP and OpenVPN server can be reached from the additional zones, the rest should then run through the tunnel.