Extra interfaces 2022


I need to use 3 different neworks inside GREEN. So id need 6 network interfaces.
After looking around, I can found this post:

But content is some years old and some links with explanations are dead:
for example this link
Bridge multiple NIC’s

and this one
bridge between wlan0 and blue0

Is there any addon, like “extra interfaces” in IPCop, that I missed?
If not, how could I add a new interface?

Thanks in advance.

Or connect an 8-port managed switch to green and configure ports 6,7,8 vlan to other networks.
Assuming green is make 3 VLAN on ipfire and on the managed switch
ports 1-5 green
port 6 - VLAN10
port 7 - VLAN20
port 8 - VLAN30

Would be a router no ? to have different green networks ? id like to have 3 different “green networks”

Id suggest as new feature or request.


Can you clarify 3 different “green networks” ?
Do you need for each Green interface a different ip-range(subnet), or do you want to spread on single subnet-range over all 3 green interfaces?
If its the last one, you could easily do this with the “Zone Configuration” in the “Network” section.

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Im not an expert on networks…but i gues the first one ( different ranges). Because if all the green network are located at same range…then it has no sense to create 3 interfaces, you can easily put a switch if they are located in different rooms for example…but logically all three would be in the same network…

As far as i know.


IPFire 3.x will have the ability to have more than 4 zones


However due to the small size of the core development team in IPFire the work on IPFire 3.x has been progressing very slowly.

Due to the way that IPFire 2.x was built up I believe that trying to add additional zones to it is not so simple.


Thanks is there any ETA or roadmap to ipfire 3.X ? just to know without any pressure, if you are talking about years, months or weeks…or luckily even days :wink:
Thanks again

Unfortunately with the progress being made it is more likely years than months.

The team is not that large and the levels of donations are quite low.

Everytime there is a new security issue found for the internet then the focus of the team goes to IPFire 2.x

Sorry that i can’t be more hopeful.