Missing old wiki entry

I’m following up with the subject IPFire & VLAN.
I came across the video with Timo Eissler

In this video and some other forum threads a wiki link to the subject vlan is referenced
but this one is unfortunately dead.

Does anybody know where to find this wiki entry?


This wiki entry was removed with a good reason. It has described manual vlan configuration which is not needed anymore.

You can configure vlan’s via webgui: wiki.ipfire.org - Zone Configuration

Hi Arne,
the problem is that my IPFire is running on a APU Board with 3 NICs. I have configured the 3 NICs IPFire as “Green + Red + Orange” via the setup, therefore the blue zone doesn’t show up in the WUI. The only solution I’ve found was to configure it like shown in the video of Timo Eissler.
As I think the mentioned wiki entry has shown how to set up VLANs manually it would helped me.

I appreciate any help or advise how to configure VLANs, my problem I’m working on is described here:


please see:

Please open a Bug for this. The zones should displayed if they are enabled in setup also without a assigned nic.

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@pete -

For a bug report in IPFire Bugzilla: