Minor WUI Improvements : Pakfire

I have a couple of suggestions to improve usability.

Can the “Pakfire” menu item be changed to “Upgrades/Addons”
This would tell the user what the menu option does, not the tool used to do it.

It would be even better if “Upgrade” and “Addons” were split into two pages without any mention of “Packfire”. As a user, why do I need to know, or care, that Pakfire is being used?

Within the Pakfire page, the symbol for upgrade is inconsistent with the rest of the WUI. I would have expected a gray box with the text “Upgrade”

I have posted this because when I received email notification of an upgrade being available, I went looking in ipFire. I have never heard of Pakfire before, and I am not good at cryptic crosswords. It took me a while (too long) to figure out that the Pakfire page was where the upgrade could be found. When I got to the Pakfire page, again it took a while to figure out what I needed to click to action the upgrade.

These are minor tweaks but they would improve the user experience.

Sorry, but no ‘improvement’ can substitute reading the documentation!
In our project documentation is at the wiki.
There you can find an article about updating ( through the WebGUI and from a shell ). Reading this you see clearly why the name ‘pakfire’ is mentioned. Pakfire is just our package system like apt in other distributions.


Have you ever rented a car?
Did they give you the user manual to read before you drove the car?
Did you know, or care, when the car was due for an oil change?
Did you read the repair manual to find the oil change procedure?
I am guessing you had enough knowledge to drive the car. It is likely you were able to figure out the important controls within a few minutes. It is unlikely you checked the engine bay, the oil level, tyre pressures etc.

Good documentation is a great thing but I shouldn’t need to read the documentation to do a routine upgrade task. Basic tasks should require basic knowledge. It is all about usability and the user experience. So yes, there should be a substitute for reading the documentation.

Some of us learn the best buy exploration and pain and suffering.
You put all your contacts in your new phone.
Phone breaks. All your contacts where on phone not backed up to cloud.
Learning threw pain and suffering.

There is some differece between a car and a software system.
Main controls and elements for operation ( steering, brake, … ) are somewhat standard. So it is possible just to learn the usage of them to drive a car.
Software systems don’t have such a standard interface ( yet ). Nevertheless it would be necessary to learn its usage. Because there is no such standard, you must learn with each new system.
Update of IPFire is an administrative task, and we can presume that the human do that has knowledge of the system ( from the documentation ).

BTW: An IPFire system is not just a commonly used computer device like a "Smart"phone. And even those mini computers or PCs aren’t usable without some learning.


A simple routine task like updating software should be simple and easy to do, regardless of whether it is a smart phone, mini computer or a firewall.

I like ipFire but there is always room for improvement. I am only making a simple suggestion to help make ipFire simpler and easier to use.