Launching Our New Website 🎉

Hello everyone,

this is a pre-announcement, that this week, we will roll out :drum: our new website! :tada: :partying_face:

In order to do this, we will have to take our current website down, upgrade the web server, upgrade our database cluster that is working in the background and many more things… In short: there will be some downtime this week when the website won’t be available.

Since I am not quite sure how long things will take it is hard to send out a strict timeline, but I will announce any details on here.

What will be affected? Our main website, IPFire People, downloads, our wiki, blog, fireinfo, IPFire Location. What won’t be affected? Our community portal, Bugzilla,
and all non-web-based services like mail, telephony, instant messaging, etc.

All the best,


I just started the first database migration… hopefully we are back within about an hour…

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Chapter two is starting now… should be back within another hour again…

Aaaaand we are back and the new website is LIVE!

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The site is beautiful, but the twitter icon is old, you will need to update it to a new icon - X…


I just created a bug for this… the icon set didn’t provide the new icon last time I checked… It should be available in a few days…



Like the new look but can’t find dark theme for community anymore. Is it gone or have I gone blind from all the white?



Me neither. Me craves dark. But all in good time… not as important as other stuff, consider this a friendly reminder…

oh, I see fire

Sorry, I wasn’t aware that people were using it… It’s back now :slight_smile:


Well done, @ms. The new website looks very nice - literally hot!

I know you’ve been working hard on it for a while now, and you should be proud of yourself.

Also, the new “IPFire_” logo is cleaner and more modern-looking (RIP Fiery Tux).

Starting 2024 with a bang!


Penguin is still there, but maybe not as site logo?

I don’t have enough hands to fix this all within a couple of days… It might be that some things will keep the legacy logo for a little bit longer…

Fair enough.
I hope that all the “this missing” will be receipt as “you forgot this, dude! :-)” more than “you’re slacking”.
Having different opinions or pinpointing errors/leftofers don’t mean “you suck”… :wink:

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I didn’t understand it as such :slight_smile:

Just fighting so many things simultaneously…

Tasklists, checkboxes, water (or tea, or coffee, whatever) and a good pen :slight_smile:

Nice site, but where are the torrent downloads?

We removed torrent downloads from the website as there was very little use of them and the code to handle them in our web app was messy.

We have mirrors pretty much everywhere in the world so that downloads should always be served very quickly using regular HTTPS.


Hey Mike,

Thanks for the update. Couple of ?'s:

  1. why is Palemoon browser not supported for community wiki?
  2. just my take: torrent is preferred
  3. For Downloads, HOWTO verify sha256? Now only a bubble pops out? Can a sha256sum or asc be downloaded or is there another method?
  4. Many thanks to the team for all the efforts.