Ipfire SFP GPON Fibertwist connection issues

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Ipfire for almost 15 years now and I’m very satisfied.
Two years ago I upgraded my hardware.
I installed a PCIe network card with two SFP connections from HP. So far, we only had a 100Mbit/s VDSL connection. Now we have fiber optics in-house with hardware provided by the provider. This is a media converter (Genexis G2410).
The connection works so far when I install the media converter in front of the IPfire.
The dial-in data have not changed. The provider is GGEW-NET.

Now I have several SFP adapters GPON here directly for connecting the fiber optic cable to the IPfire.
Unfortunately I don’t get a connection status with any of the GPON adapters.
I suspect that the hardware (the media converter from Genexis) is bound to the connection by the provider via an ONT serial number.

Is the any instruction to change the ONT serial number of the SPF fiber adapter in Ipfire?
Or does someone has another idea where the problem could be?

Best regrads


@xracer , welcome to the community.

Our language here is english. Translate your article please.


Hello Bernhard,

sorry I did not realize that the language is english (I´ve thought multi language).
I´ve modified the inital post.

Thank you for your reply.

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Do we have same issue?
(I also bypass the Genexis G2410)

Don’t you think your ISP is using MAC address, as mine is ?
Are you sure you have the correct bidi’s ? (I use 1310/1550)

1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1310nm-TX/1550nm-RX
1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1310nm-TX/1490nm-RX
1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1490nm-TX/1310nm-RX
1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1490nm-TX/1550nm-RX

Also, are you sure you don’t have IP V6?
I think IPFire may, or may not work with IP V6