IPFire Bandwidth Usage

I need to know if IPFire gives bandwidth use. If It does, how much is that?
Also, do we need any routers or servers to work with IPFire?

There is a lot of logging and nice grafhs

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Following up to that question: How do I change the unit in the displayed graphs from MBps to Mbps? Since the IPFire box is the only system in my network that is displaying bandwidth in megaBYTE per second as opposed to megaBIT per second, I’d like to change that for convenience reasons…

Interesting question… maybe the dev team will allow us to choose the wanted data measure… (or not…)
Because this seems a feature to me…

The Bps has been bugging me for years. I have personal hacked it for myself, but now decided to try and share and help display the graphs properly. I have created and submitted, [PATCH] Network based RRD graphs Bytes to Bits, to the dev list.

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There is 8 bits to a byte, so 1 megabyte = 8 megabits. In short: megabytes multiplied by 8 gives megabits.

I’ve tested your changes for the QoS and network graphs.
They seem to function.