[Feature Request] RRD graphs Bytes to Bits

For proper network measurements Bps (bytes) should be converted to bps (bits). Bytes are used for block devices like disk storage and memory, bits is used for networks. Although I can’t find it now, I have a patch for /var/ipfire/graphs.pl. Changes are in sub updateifgraph { }.
It may slightly changes between updates.
The only mention I could find is IPFire Bandwidth Usage


Hi @nateso49

If you have a patch for it then you can always submit it to the devs mailing list.

Just follow the directions for how patches should be created, structured and be submitted in the wiki.


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For completeness this patch should include a conversion of the Bps RRDs to bps RRDs, I think.

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The Bps has been bugging me for years. I have personal hacked it for myself, but now decided to try and share and help display the graphs properly. I have created and submitted,
[PATCH] Network based RRD graphs Bytes to Bits, to the dev list.
In the commit I said this:
For proper display of network measurements, Bps (bytes) should be
converted to bps (bits). Bytes are for data/storage (RAM, HDD, SSD,
etc.), bits are for network bandwidth or throughput (NICs, switches,
routers, WiFi adapters, etc.).

Networks transfer data as single bits at a time. It’s both more accurate
and more intuitive to measure network speed in bits per second that a
network connection is transmitting, not the amount of data units, or
bytes, it transmits. Notice all network devices are marketed, measure
and display in bits per second.

I simply used RRD CDEF to multiply by 8.

NOTE: Found: “ERROR: rpn expressions without DEF or CDEF variables are
not supported”.
Specifically in updateqosgraph, CDEF does not like a number as a
variable name. ie. “204” from $classline[1].