Ipfire as Access point

Hi there.

I’m trying to figure out if I can turn an IPFIRE APU box as cabled access point/range extender. I have a LAN cable available and thought to use the BLUE and GREEN interface bridged and with dynamic DHCP.

I tried and unfortunately

  1. the system doesnt pass the DHCP to any device connected to the ipfire box
  2. if I set my device (laptop) with manual IP to match the home network it will still connect and browse ipfire management pages but won’t be able to surf the network.

I also though to use the red zone for the cable (line in) and blue/Green Zone as usual to broadcast but with my ipfire knowledge and understanding this will create a separate trunk of network which I’d like to avoid.

Have anybody experienced something similar?

Thanks in advance

Not sure if this is possible.
But. I would try.
Run setup unassign green nic.
The from WUI.
Bridge unassigned nic to blue.
May not be possible?

I would not use IPFire for this. Openwrt might be a better choice.

Hi there,

thanks for such quick answer. I felt won’t work but worth try.

I know openwrt and I was trying not to flatten the actual ipfire machine…


you could just change the ssd. You can always put back IPFire this way. If you mod the case, you can also use the sata port and have a sort of dual boot.

This is what I was thinking.

Interesting question Mauro,

is your “DHCP enabled” unchecked in the WUI-Network-DHCP?

I wonder if in the Firewall Options: this has to be turned OFF?

Firewall options for BLUE interface
Drop all packets not addressed to proxy

HI @trish ,

yes, I disabled the DHCP server on BLUE interface.

I believe there will be some FW settings in FORWARD table at least…I did not take any deep look at the iptable.

I might try to swap SSD as suggested by @cfusco

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