IP Address Blacklists

I’ve been using the legacy timfprogs/ipfblocklist plugin feature for some time now. I’m happy to see that this will be incorporated into the IPFire product.
I have noticed one wart and I’m curious if it will still exist in the new version.

The wart:
After rolling up nicely for several days, the pkts and bytes counts for some lists (in this example: “The CINS Army List” and “Emerging Threats Blocklist”) go blank. The lists are still used – per the blocked entries in the firewall logs – so things are still working fine. It’s just a little confusing when you see the pkts and bytes counts go blank – I would assume after rolling over some threshold.

It seems to be parsing the iptables output incorrectly. If you want to fix it, you could try changing the line

my ($pkts, $bytes, $chain) = $line =~ m/^\s+(\d+\w?)\s+(\d+\w?)\s+(\w+)_BLOCK/;


my ($pkts, $bytes, $chain) = $line =~ m/^\s*(\d+\w?)\s*(\d+\w?)\s+(\w+)_BLOCK/;

It’s at about line 111 in blocklist.cgi. Alternatively, the information is available on the Firewall > iptables page in the WUI. Just select the name of the blacklist in the top pull down and update.

The code that’s being integrated has changed significantly from the code on github. It now blocks packets output to the red interface as well as inputs, should take significantly less CPU time and is better integrated into the system. This does, unfortunately, mean that it’s not compatible with the github code, which will have to be uninstalled before IPFire is updated (currently expected in core update 143). It’s also changed the way that the statistics are displayed, so that they’re now displayed similarly to the other firewall logs. You can find some screenshots attached to this post on the development list: https://lists.ipfire.org/pipermail/development/2020-January/006822.html - go right to the bottom.

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Excellent, that line of code in blocklist.cgi did indeed correct the output on the WUI.
Thanks for all your good work @timf, I look forward to core update 143 – and uninstalling the timfprogs/ipfblocklist version :cowboy_hat_face:

Haven’t heard any news of this feature for a while. Has it been abandoned?

I think it looks like it.

Tim, who developed this, has not been responding to any emails recently. Nobody of the other developers was involved in this to carry this forward.

It would have been a great feature.

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I’m still about (although I have been busy with COVID-19 related stuff). I don’t recall having received any emails about this recently, but I’m happy to do the work to get it into IPFire.