iOS Devices and wpad.dat


after a fresh installation I discovered strange behaviours on my iOS device, which must have yet existed for a while. So I finally checked out that the automatic proxy configuration did not work well. Due to those two articles:

Auto Proxy Config not fetching wpad.dat, respectively
WPAD Auto Proxy Discovery - broken on iOS 4.2.1 ?

I did then the following:

ln -s /srv/web/ipfire/html/proxy.pac /srv/web/ipfire/html/wpad.dat%00.

Now proxy auto discovery is working fine on iOS. Could you please provide a quick statement if doing this is reasonably okay?

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Hi Martin

Did you read the wiki on it, as mentioned on the Advance Web Proxy page?

Notice: For WPAD/PAC to work properly, furtcher (SIC) changes need to be made. Please see the Wiki.

I have a few iOS devices, never had any problems with the proxy, using the above mentioned info.
The ln -s insert is the same on there, with the exception of the %00. part, not sure what that will do.

The links you list are from 2011, iOS 4.2.1 has since long been overhauled. I doubt many are still using it, and if so they bring their own security issues with them. Do you really want such old devices with outdated versions of Safari, and what not, onto your network?

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face: