How to setup blue for mesh access points

Not sure this has been asked before (probably yes but the search doesn’t help me)

I have 3xTP-Link Deco WiFi routers configured as access point (all connected via ethernet). Right now they are all part of the say network (same switch), and all in Green.

I want to move them to blue, but how should I do it? should I have them all connected to a switch and the switch to a single ethernet port? or should the 3 access points be connected to 3 different ethernet ports?

I do not want to lose the mesh functionality.


Hi there,

You could assign the Blue zone also to a LAN interface (see - Zone Configuration) ( - Configuring three zones, using two NICs and one VLAN).

Than assign a VLAN on the switch ports you are using for the AP’s and to the Blue interface.

I did this myself.
Green - a lan interface
Blue - a WLAN interface and VLAN to Green

On the switch - Green interface port default lan and a VLAN for Blue
Switch ports for the Access Point VLAN for BLUE

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I will try that! thanks!